BEAST Doojoon nominated BTOB Eunkwang to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Eunkwang nominated Super Junior Ryeowook, APink Bomi and Chorong

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how to awkwardly handshake with someone by junhyung
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penjae’s spiritual connection

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Q: Yook Sungjae’s ideal type…?

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BTOB x fish

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Welcome back, leader-nim^^
최고의 리더님..
돌아왔어서 정말 고마워요

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Kyungsoo’s obsession for black clothes (+ revealing Chanyeol’s obsession)

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140808 Super Idol Chart Show: Heechul came in at No.4 for ‘King of Obsession’. His obsession is Anna.

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2005 Twins photoshoot →awkward new member + supportive hyung

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in which key summed up all of our feelings while watching this

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it’s SJ’s way to test friendship XD
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Catbus - My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

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